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Okapi (Adult male)

Okapi Okapia johnstoni The okapi, or forest giraffe, is a member of the giraffe family found in the inaccessible rain forests of northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC, formerly Zaire) and western Uganda. The okapi lives a secluded life and it was not discovered until 1900. The okapi has a long, flexible blue-black tongue that it uses to rip leaves from branches. The animal visually blends into its surroundings. It feeds during the day, as well as just before dawn and after sunset. Although the okapi may travel in small family groups, this reclusive animal usually lives alone. Okapi: Silent Truth By listening and not reacting, a person with an Okapi totem can learn the truth without fear. However, this ability needs to be developed through meditation exercises. When developed, Okapi people can slip through life unseen and unheard.

Notes: 3d print ready , 3ds, wrl , obj, max, stl , fbx, dwg and dfx formats are included, the 3ds format is low poly , rest is high poly, hope you like the model and dont forget to leave a review.

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