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Elephant Head Pendant

Elephant Head pendant is three-dimensional and detailed.versatile and comfortable to wear.The elephant spirit animal can bring luck to you because its appearance in your life indicates that you are completely in control.Because of its massive size and towering height, the elephant spirit animal naturally signifies strength and power.

The elephant symbolism can easily command power because of its dominating presence and air of authority.

It’s no wonder that the elephant is a born leader because of its wisdom, strength, and leadership, just like the eagle spirit animal.

But even with its intimidating presence, the elephant totem can also be one of the friendliest and gentlest creatures in the world, provided you are friendly and gentle with them, too. Notes: 3d print ready , 3ds, wrl , obj, max, stl , fbx, dwg and dfx formats are included, the 3ds format is low poly , rest is high poly, hope you like the model and dont forget to leave a review.

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