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Stylised Medical Equipment Asset Pack 3D model

This is an Asset Pack/ Tile Pack *which includes a lot of object which should help you set up a scene, either for your video game, movie or architectural design. All of the assets are game ready, textured and all of them were used in a cinematic called: **Hospital? *


Info about the models:

The models come in FBX format / OBJ Format & Collada (dae); The models were textured in** Substance Painter** and every model comes with: Base Color, Emissive, Height, Metallic, Normal Map, Roughness and Opacity where needed (E.g. syringe). On top of this, I also included a Color ID Map *for most of the models, in case you want to change any texture simply use the *ID Color Map and retexture every part of every model as you would like. In this asset pack I also included two types of corridors: Straight Corridors & T-Shaped Corridors. The corridors are modular, allowing you to effectively and easily create large unique building interiors. The pivot point is properly set on all objects.


  1. Two types of bucket which are adjustable
  2. Three types of scissors
  3. Two types of Scalpels
  4. Two types of trays
  5. A whellchair
  6. Syringe
  7. A Hospital Door along with a Single Door Frame and a_ Double Door Frame_
  8. A Hospital Bed
  9. A cover for the trays
  10. A Straight Modular Corridor and a Modular T-Shaped Corridor
  11. Straight Stairs
  12. Two-Part Stairs
  13. Two wall decorations: A Name Plate and a bar model for the walls If you have any problems with the models make sure to contact me!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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