Characters and Anatomy
Hard Surface
Game ready

Robot Android

Low-poly / Game-ready / PBR / Rigged

  • Rigged Epic Skeleton / Humanoid
  • 52 calibrated facial Blendshapes/ Morph Targets / Facial Expressions for cinematic cutscenes cutscenes, compatible with Live Link Face, Faceware and more
  • Easy color change - Gray color is included so you can tint everything the way you like
  • Instances of materials are configured - you can easily control a lot of material parameters such as color, scatter, roughness, etc.

The pack includes: - Unreal Engine project (4.19 and above) with demo scene and different materials presets - Unity Asset (2019) with demo scene and different materials presets - FBX - OBJ - Blender File (2.92) Has IK/FK controllers (Auto Rig Pro, controllers work well even without it) - Textures pack

Additional bones: eyel, eyer

Tris: 25 146 Textures: 4096x4096 - Base Color (a few color presets) - Ambient Occlusion - Normal - Roughness - Metallic - Diffuse (a few color presets) - Glossiness - Specular

Unreal and Unity projects have their own textures set inside the projects.

Suitable for games of different genres: RPG, strategy, horror, adventure, simulation, puzzle, platform, etc. Perfect for sci-fi, cyber night cities or apocalyptic games.

robot / android / cyborg / cyber / apocalypse / survival / apocalypse / sci-fi / cyberpunk / rusty / metal / robotic / humanoid / future / cybernetic / science / futuristic / survivor

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