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Rooftop equipments such as Chillers, Air Conditioners, Antena… are necessary for every city environment scenes.So we decide to create this package that can increasing speed of artists who wants to save so much time in their city scenes. This could be a good library of Rooftop equipments that can be use in so many scenes for environment artists.All the models that we gathered in this package has clean topology that can easily use in any game engines. Also these are under 10K Triangles (5k Polygons) and if you need more details you can easily subdivide these models and use them in any modeling software such as Blender, 3ds max, maya… .


  • 50Clean mesh and topology
  • Every model has clean UV
  • Models are ready to bake in softwares such as : Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag…
  • You can use these models many times in your scenes
  • All 3d models are under 10k tris
  • Materials and Textures are NOT included in this package
  • Building in Cover page is NOT included in this package
  • Models are editable in any 3d softwares(Blender, 3dsmax, maya ...)


  • Fbx format (Individual)
  • Obj fromat (Individual)
  • Max format (Individual)
  • Jpg preview (Individual)


If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. Please feel free and contact me!


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