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150 Ornament Brush and Alpha vol 01

This product includes 150 ornamental brush, Alpha and 3D Models in eight different categories for architectural decoration, woodcarving, sculpting, adding details to your artworks, etc.

The brushes have both VDM and IMM brushes, for all models.

All Brushes are categorized and you have a catalogue in PDF format for preview and choosing brushes or alphas

Brushes have a great variety of types and shapes so you can make complex models or artworks

Alpha pictures are in Three formats (PSD, JPG and TIFF) with a 4K quality.

All models Carefully designed and have a correct mesh (quad) and Turbosmooth is not collapsed so you can access to their base mesh for any desired change.

Poly count (All): 135,350

Poly count (Average per element): 900

NOTE: If you want to test this product you can download five of the objects (as samples) in the link below for free: 5 Floral Ornament brushes, alphaa and 3D models

NOTE: If you just need the 3D models you can download them in the link below at a lower price: 150 ARCHITECTURAL KITBASH VOL 01

Product contains:

  • Brush (IMM)
  • Brush (VDM)
  • 4K Alpha (PSD)
  • 4K Alpha (JPG)
  • 4K Alpha (TIFF)
  • 3D Model (MAX)
  • 3D Model (OBJ)
  • 3D Model (FBX)
  • 3D Model (STL)
  • 3D Model (DWG)
  • 3D Model (3DS)
  • Catalogue (PDF)

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