Considering Art School? Here Are Amazing Options

Considering Art School? Here Are Amazing Options

Online learning is nothing new, but the pandemic has caused a massive increase in its utilization. Luckily, this shift has shed light on some killer art schools that are worth checking out. 

1. Art School by Marc Brunet

First on the list, our very own Art School by Marc Brunet. The 10 "terms" included in the complete pack focus on digital arts in general, giving you the best artistic base you would expect from top colleges around the world, but without the irrelevant fluff and in a practical digital format.


  • Downloadable courses + assignments
  • There is an option to pay in installments 
  • Private access the the weekly live streams with Marc
  • Access to community forums with other Art School students for feedback and collaboration

Why It's Worth It

You will learn all the essential skills needed to get ahead in the crowded digital art industry with a curriculum packed with content you actually need and none of which you don't.

Art School is based on countless curriculums from traditional art schools all around the world, put together the best part of each and added some key classes you'll need (yet normally won't find) based on Marc's 17+ years of experience in the art industry. All of this at a fraction of the cost.

2. CG Society Workshops

Led by industry experts, CG Society Workshops provides courses for beginners to seasoned vets who want to improve their skills. Registration periods are available and to skip courses you're able to submit your portfolio for review. 


  • Collaborative virtual classrooms
  • Live Q&As
  • 6-10 week courses
  • Numerous classes from which to choose

Why It's Worth It

With a price tag of under $1000 per course, artists are able to learn a new skill for much less than traditional school in a much shorter period of time. Additionally, artists get personalized expert feedback to help them grow in their craft. 

3. Schoolism

Want to learn to draw, paint, and design in your pj's whenever you want? If so, Schoolism is a good option. Pre-recorded lectures and video feedback give you the flexibility to take classes at your own pace. 


  • Classes offered in: art, drawing, illustration, sculpting, painting
  • Scheduled workshops available
  • Artist workouts that provide 60 minute exercises to keep you on top of your game

Why It's Worth It

Schoolism provides numerous features beyond their courses. Artists can watch interviews, sign up for a workshop, and even take shorter courses to keep their skills fresh. Additionally, the flexible courses allow you to watch and re-watch courses whenever you need. 

4. CG Master Academy

Choose a track and start your journey to a new career with CG Master Academy. Their online courses allow you to learn from anywhere in the area of art, games, and VFX. 


  • Learn at any level- from beginner to expert
  • One year free access
  • Expert industry professionals to guide you 
  • Payment plan options 
  • Create a personalized plan with a student advisor

Why It's Worth It

With many different tracks available you have the option to choose which area you'd like to go into, including: 

  • Foundation and Design
  • 2D Character design
  • 2D Environment design
  • 3D Character arts
  • 3D Environment arts
  • Character TD | Rigging
  • Houdini | FX
  • Compositing | Lighting
  • Visual Storytelling & IP Development

Other Helpful Resources

If you just want to brush up your skills or learn something new, these courses are perfect!

Unconventional Oil Techniques by James Gurney

James Gurney invites you behind the scenes to experience the creation of three oil paintings of Tyrannosaurus rex. You'll get the following: 

  • Initial gouache sketches and an explanation of the tools and materials used 
  • 11 methods of paint application, using black and white oil paint to simplify and clarify each approach 
  • Time-honored painting techniques, such as glazing, scumbling, and oiling up
  • Tips and tricks that Gurney has learned from almost 40 years of professional work, including pre-texturing, side-dragging, and palette-knife blending

Painting Like a Sculptor by Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones has a ton of great tutorials offered through his store. We suggest starting with this gem. You'll learn: 

  • How to consider pushing and pulling your forms using values and light
  • Using limited values
  • Using Mini zbrush 
  • Paint tumor monsters to train your forms

Fundamentals of Design by Tyler Edlin

Interesting in learning about illustration and painting? For free? Check out his highly rated course.

Story Time- Tutorial Pack by Goro Fujita

Goro Fujita has a store FULL of great resources to up your game. This one, in particular, covers Procreate:

  • Basic tool settings
  • Key functionalities
  • Using them to take a piece from initial sketch to the finished piece

Blender 3D Modeling for Beginners by Widhi Muttaqien

If you want to learn 3D using Blender and have no prior experience, this is the course for you. Learn the fundamentals and 3D modeling skills using Blender.

In this course you'll learn: 

  • The essentials such as: Blender’s UI, viewport navigation, object operation, transformation, 3D coordinate, reference and object’s origin etc.
  • The 3D modeling fundamentals. Some of them are: advanced mesh selection, knife tool, inset, extrude, bevel, loop cut etc. Learn the difference between deleting, dissolving, collapsing and how to patch holes in the geometry using various techniques etc.
  • Exercise with hands-on projects. We're going to model: kindergarten chair, dining table, wardrobe, coffee table, security outpost and a fish submarine model suitable for game assets. etc.

Go here for more amazing tutorials and courses.