Cubebrush Feature Updates

Cubebrush Feature Updates

The team has been hard at work on some significant updates that just came online. Here's what new on Cubebrush:

Product View Count

The ability to see the number of views for each product has long been requested so you will now see the unique views counter next to the product rating. The counter is updated every 8 hours.

Search Overhaul

We've introduced a smart tag system (among many other search improvements) that automatically goes through every product title and description to intelligently generate tags without the need for human input. You will see this translated into FAR better search results, regardless of the category/topic. 

This in turn rewards good product descriptions from creators which helps the user experience overall. Products with poor/short descriptions won't get much love from the new search algorithm so now would be a good time to double check your product descriptions if you're a creator!

We've also added keyword suggestions as well as support for search typos.

Go ahead, search for something! With well over over 100,000 quality products from 10,000+ curated creators on the platform, finding the right assets/tools for your project has never been easier.


Finally, recommended products and similar product recommendations have been completely reworked. You should notice a significant improvement in relevance when it comes to your homepage recommended products.

Recommendations should be a lot more interesting and personalized if you're browsing Cubebrush while logged in, which we highly recommend you do for a great experience!

We have a lot more in store for you in the coming weeks so stay tuned for future feature updates!

-marc ❤️