Earn Money as a Cubebrush Partner

Earn Money as a Cubebrush Partner

Today is an exciting day, our Partner program is now open to the public! 

Earning with Cubebrush just became easier than ever. As an affiliate Partner, you don't need to produce content to make money - simply share what others are making and profit from the sales you help refer!

How it works

When you become a Partner, you're provided with a short code to add to any Cubebrush URL you want to monetize. When someone follows your modified link and makes a purchase, you make 10% from that sale. Simple.

The links never expire, we make no distinction between new or existing customers and there are no limits to how much you can earn as a Partner. It's literally the best affiliate program in the industry and it's now open to everyone. 

Who is this for?


This new feature is particularly important to us since it'll allow even more people to earn on Cubebrush and make a living doing what they love. That's what it's all about.

  • Sellers will now benefit from an army of Partners helping share their content and increase their sales
  • Everyone else (with at least 100 followers/friends/subscribers on at least one website) can now earn money simply by sharing the awesome curated content on our marketplace

Not sure what to share? Check out our popular section for products that are already selling well.

Eager to start earning as an affiliate Partner? Learn more or apply here!

Got any questions or feedback? Leave a comment below!

Happy selling!

-Marc & the Cubebrush team