Featured Interview: Huseyin Bulut

Featured Interview: Huseyin Bulut

We know quality when we see it and Swan3dstudios 3D car models are all about that. Huseyin Bulut, the artist behind all the gorgeous models, recently agreed to chat with us about his career and art.

Be sure to visit his store and check out some beautiful shots of his art below.

Q. What do you do for a living besides selling awesome 3D car models?

A. I'm an interpreter actually. I graduated from language program and took another degree for economy. I know both of them are irrelevant with 3D but I chose my passion and followed that. Besides 3D modelling, sometimes I take 2D design jobs.

Q. How did you get started doing art?

A. I had seen a wonderful Volkswagen Touareg model in 2003. Wandered how this could be done with just a PC so started researching. Then I found myself in the design and 3D world. After starting, this became a passion for me that I could not quit :)

Q. What got you started selling models online?

A. After modelling a lot of cars, trucks buildings, etc, I decided to make a profit of it. Because I had seen websites that sell models for you for a profit. It started slowly but it got faster and faster in time. So here I am.

Q. What is the best tip you have for anyone who wants to become 3D modeler, or for artists in general?

A. The best tip for beginners in 3D world I can give is not to give up. You will try and delete for like a millions of times. But if you don't give up and continue working, you succeed eventually. Besides that you should be sure of what you want and most importantly, love this job. Otherwise it's only a matter of time before you quit it.

Q. If you could instantly become a master at something, what would it be?

A. If I was able to do that I would like to master music. I'm a total disaster when it comes to music. I couldn't even play the flute. But I love music. Every kind - not just a branch. So I would choose music.

Q. Light or dark side?

A. In fact I never watched a star wars movie :) So I can not choose a side. Isn't there a neutral position on this?