Improve Your Skills With These 10 Digital Painting Tutorials

Improve Your Skills With These 10 Digital Painting Tutorials

Making the most of CG tutorials can take you a long way. The right tutorials can introduce you to new techniques, processes, and secrets of the digital art world that you may not discover elsewhere. In fact, the people behind these videos are usually experienced digital artists with their own set of unique skills they’re looking to share.

Whether you’re just beginning your digital painting journey or are a seasoned painter, there’s always plenty you can learn from tutorials. Here are ten quality tutorials to up your digital painting game:

Illustration and Painting Tutorial

Price: free

This complimentary guide is a short and sweet 90-minute video that demonstrates how to compose and paint a scene. It teaches you how to:

  • Create a dynamic color palette
  • Achieve effective value structure
  • Plan your piece
  • Utilize shape design
  • Develop contrast

Tutorial - 360 Painting in Photoshop

Price: free

This Marc Brunet tutorial is a useful two-part lesson that teaches you the basics of 360° digital painting using Photoshop. The tutorial includes:

  • Perspective guide
  • Video tutorial on 360° digital painting in Photoshop
  • Video tutorial on 360° speed-paint of fantasy landscape

Drawing and Painting Portrait: Basics

Price: $6

This tutorial will break down the fundamentals of digital portrait drawing step-by-step. It includes multiple video tutorials that are both instructional, as well as provide a demo on value painting. It contains:

  • PSD files
  • JPEG images
  • Brushes used in the tutorial
  • 5 videos, which cover head proportion, advanced construction, line drawing of various angles, and value demo

Digital Painting Tutorial in Photoshop

Price: $10

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an illustration of a fantasy landscape using digital painting techniques. The multi-video bundle includes:

  • PSD file
  • 2.5-hour video covering the process from start to finish that includes color matching and adjustments, and various masking methods
  • 30-minute video that explains techniques used in greater depth, including additional tips and tricks regarding workflow, efficiency, and productivity

Digital Speed Painting Tutorial

Price: $15

For those digital artists always on a time crunch, this tutorial is for you. This roughly one-hour tutorial is a how-to guide to creating digital speedpainting, covering the process of three types of drawing including a voice-over explanation, brush set, and reference images. It will teach you how to:

  • Use essential tools
  • Make creative choices
  • Paint with efficiency and intuition
  • Choose color
  • Add texture
  • Detail final touches

Skin Painting Tutorial

Price: $15

If you’re looking to go into character creation and conceptualization, this tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to paint skin like a pro in Photoshop. As a bonus, the skills learned in this tutorial—such as skin tone variations, lighting and shading, and more—can be transferred to other applications like Procreate. It covers:

  • Over an hour of high-resolution video
  • Five-minute time-lapse video
  • Full video commentary
  • PSD file with layers
  • PNG file of final image

Creating a Digital Painting Tutorial

Price: $15

This advanced tutorial covers Loish’s process of painting her iconic digital masterpieces. It demonstrates the full pipeline, and includes:

  • One-hour tutorial with a 25-minute voiceover
  • Brush set
  • Low-res final image

Note: this tutorial is for those already acquainted with digital painting in Photoshop or another software

Gouache Painting Tutorial

Price: $20

While digital art has branched out into new forms and methods that can’t quite be achieved through analog, on the other hand, there are ways digital art can imitate popular analog techniques, such as gouache. This gouache painting tutorial contains:

  • Video tutorial of a run-through
  • Just over two hours of Gouache painting demo
  • Final artwork
  • Tips on value structure, color temperature, and lighting

Ultimate Guide to Digital Painting Vol. 1 

Price: $38

This digital painting tutorial is a beginner and intermediate guide to digital painting. With over 15 hours of videos, this is an all-in-one resource that includes the PSD file, brushes, and color palettes. It covers: 

  • Female figures in various natural stances
  • Male figures in various natural stances
  • Female torso in different skin tones
  • Dynamic angles of portraits
  • Blocking for basic painting
  • Color harmony
  • Lighting and shading
  • Materials
  • Figure anatomy

With ten chapters and an abundance of bonus material, this bundle is well worth the investment.

Digital Painting Masterclass

Price: $45

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, this comprehensive tutorial pack, straight from ART School, is perfect for you. It contains four hours worth of content, which will teach you both the fundamentals and more advanced techniques, and is beneficial for beginner and seasoned artists alike. Its content covers:

  • Initial Sketching
  • Lineart
  • Lighting
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Grayscale and Color

With the ability to upgrade to Marc Brunet’s full 10-term course as well, this seven-chapter masterclass is a great kickstarter for anyone considering art School.

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