New Feature: Freebies!

New Feature: Freebies!

Today we have a cool little feature to introduce to both sellers and customers!

We love free stuff, everybody loves free stuff. On the homepage, you will now find a new section called "Weekly Freebies", a selection of free goods we also send out every week to our 90k (and growing) newsletter subscribers. Download away!

If you are a seller on Cubebrush who's had a product featured in the newsletter, you already know the power of free content to drive traffic and awareness to your store. This is where things get interesting.

We now have a new feature allowing you to submit any of your products, free or paid, for consideration to be included as a weekly freebie.

It's super simple to submit your products, simply mouse-over any of them, click "Submit as freebie" and you're done!

They will remain up for consideration for as long as you don't click the "Remove from freebie" button.

If/when your product is selected, we will automatically change the price to "Free" for 7 days, and change it back to its original price once the week is over.

Pretty neat huh? Share away!

Let us know if you have any feedback by leaving a comment in the section below!


-Marc & the Cubebrush team