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Making Ruthless Ripper

Want to see how Magic images are made? Clint Cearley takes you through the creation process of both versions of Ruthless Ripper. Reading the brief, sketches, discarded concepts, rendering techniques, lighting, posing and more are covered. Special attention given to posing, color and lighting mistakes made on the first version and how I attempted to correct them on the second time around.
• 49 minute commentary video (not a time-lapse of the painting) • PSD of creation progress featured in video • PSD of the final painting • 38 minute bonus paintover video • JPG wallpaper of creation process

Feedback on Making Ruthless Ripper: “Great tutorial, I love it” “the Bonus Paintover video is fantastic” “Great stuff!…I thoroughly enjoyed: your emphasis on how you could've done better and didn't settle on your illustration - you talked about how you didn't like its original direction and could specify which parts made you feel that & why - inclusion of all the references you used”

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