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Shotgun from movie Judge Dredd 1995

Model dimensions: - length - 810.5 mm - height - 213 mm - width - 59 mm - length of the longest part - 311 mm

The model consists of parts: Barrel part 1,2, Body part 1-7, Bottom rod part 1,2, Front grip, Front side screw 1,2, Handle bottom plate, Handle, Left side trigger, Right insert late, Right side indicator, Right side trigger, Shell, Side insert with ribs 1,2, Side screw cap insert 1,2, Top plate screw cap insert 1-4, Top plate.

The model does not have clamps for the belt because the 3D printed clamps are fragile. That is why the model has one more screw on the left front side.

Detail “Body part 1” has length 311 mm. STL files of detail “Body part 1” from two parts are also attached.

During assembling use guiding metal rods with d=5 mm.

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