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Blaster rifle A280-CFE from Rogue One 2016

Model dimensions - length – 926.5 mm - height – 246 mm - width – 80.5 mm - max length of the part - 196...

Model dimensions: - length – 926.5 mm - height – 246 mm - width – 80.5 mm - max length of the part - 196 mm

The model consists of parts: Barrel part 1-3, Body part 1-4, Charging handle insert plate, Charging handle, Flashlight inner part, Flashlight lens, Flashlight part 1-3, Flashlight right side rail, Front cartridge bottom plate, Front cartridge, Front grip plate, Front grip, Handle, Left side bar, Left side bent plate 1,2, Left side button, Left side guide plate, Left side hub, Left side pin, Left side rail, Left side trigger, Rear cartridge bottom plate, Rear cartridge, Right rear button, Right side bent plate 1,2, Right side button, Right side guide plate, Right side hub, Right side pin, Right side plate, Scope clamp 1,2, Scope disk 1,2, Scope front lens, Scope part 1-6, Scope rail, Scope rear lens, Scope stand 1,2, Side indicator bar 1,2, Side indicator bar insert 1,2, Side rib 1-6, Side rod front part 1-4, Side rod middle part 1-4, Side rod rear part 1-4, Stock body part 1-3, Stock bottom plate, Stock fork, Stock front plate, Stock hub 1-6, Stock left side trigger, Stock rear plate with ribs, Stock rear plate, Stock right side button, Stock side insert bar 1,2, Trigger guard, Trigger, Upper rod clamp 1,2, Upper rod part 1-3.

During assembling use guiding metal rods with d=5 mm.

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