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Marker Brushes - Premium Set

Hey there! David here of the Food-For-Crows team! Here I present you another set of Photoshop Brushes emulating markers! Ever wanted to emulate a marker drawing via digital media, or enhance a scanned marker drawing for presentation online? Here is the perfect set for you.

These marker brushes emulate working with markers on paper as much as possible, a set for concept artists, illustrators and anyone else who needs digital tools.

As a minimum requirement, Photoshop CS5 is recommended, however - eventually these brushes will also work on older Photoshop versions.

Soon, for tryout purposes, a free set with less brushes will be uploaded in case you are unsure whether you'd wish to try out the premium set.

This premium set costs $2 USD and offers the joy to draw with markers via digital tools in Photoshop - so be sure to grab them.

We, the team behind the brush creation, thank you for your support, as each purchase will help the Food-For-Crows team to spend more time and resources to create new brushes.

Happy Drawing!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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