Horror Music Pack

Making a game scene appear scary requires many psychological tricks, but your music choice can be the most influential element. This track is recklessly designed to trigger the deepest fears of your audience and amplify the tension.

Potential use cases; horror games, cinematic trailers, video game soundtracks, crime themes, and Halloween productions.

Ideal for passionate game developers, YouTubers, video editors, and gamers who need cinematic dark horror music for their projects.

You can listen to the preview of the tracks here:

Epikton - Biochemical Mutation 2:06

Epikton - Biological Warfare 2:00

Epikton - Blood Moon 1:21

Epikton - Dark Lord 1:00

Epikton - Deep Impact 0:48

Epikton - Enigmatic Machine 1:35

Epikton - Killer Tension 0:46

Epikton - Metaphysical Anomaly 2:12

Epikton - Mysterious House 1:10

Epikton - Mystery Thriller 0:32

Epikton - The Courage Gate 2:47

Epikton - The Swarm 2:08

Epikton - The Unexpected 0:31

Epikton - Triangle of Fear 1:30

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