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[Blender addon] Silhouette

More information: Find the addon's panel on viewport's sidebar (N) > 'View' tab > 'Silhouettes' panel


  • Fixed Views: they have auto-recovery by...

More information: Find the addon's panel on viewport's sidebar (N) > 'View' tab > 'Silhouettes' panel


  • Fixed Views: they have auto-recovery by default, this can conflict with undo. Recommendation: create 'Fixed Views' if you really don't need to undo to a previous step right before creating the fixed views. In future version we will look at it and make it optional plus some more optimizations and improvements in views management.
  • Fixed Views: The will perform bad in SculptMode, this is a limitation that was introduced with Blender 2.82 killing completely this ONLY in sculpt mode. After 2.81 you can go fine with around 500k mesh but not in real time - instead you will see a refresh time value in Sidebar (N) > View > Silhouette > Fixed Views > Settings, while in SculptMode to change the interval of time it takes to refresh the silhouette - . Recommendation: to sculpt in several pieces of little k -verts or use it for LP or concepting. As this tool is thought to be used to give proper shapes and proportions with interesting appeal, is not considered a bug, also cause for SculptMode we recommend to use LiveView instead that is real live silhouette following your viewport's view.



Drop-down panel UI redesign. Complete support with 2.93. Fix shader issues. Now the 'show in front' style option works fine and live silhouette shader can support custom style again. Now Live Silhouette has it's own style that you can change in real time. Now Fixed Silhouettes have their style properties exposed in the dropdown panel on the header, also there some fixes regarding missing update when changing those properties, making it annoying to use. Fix: removing all cameras while using navigation view was causing errors. Other minor and major bugfixes here and there to make it even more stable and close some special corner cases.

v2.0 BETA 4 Initial support with 2.93 v.2.0.0 (planned) - Try to get rid of limitation in 2.9X that Blender itself prevents us to have more than one Fixed View at time. - Rewrite part of fixed view silhouette types and add auto-recover option so it is optional and does not conflict with undo. - Custom fixed views. - Insert camera from fixed views in some isolated collection. - Overlay header quick toggle for live view.

v.1.5.0 (current) - Powerful 'Live View' silhouette is not experimental anymore! Now it's on stable beta, ready to be tested, I'll be ready to receive feedback from its usage. - Now you can find preferences for 'Fixed Views' silhouettes inside addon preferences (you will see when you install&enable addon). This will be helpful to set some settings that will be shared across all your files so you don't have to set-up every single silhouette anymore!

v.1.3.2 (current) Spacing between silhouettes as a property. Fix: opacity didn't work without use transparency option.

v.1.3.1 Important fix related to linked collection mesh objects.

v.1.3.0 (current) Now you can use any color when using 'use transparency' option instead of only just white color. Now you can use 'Show in front' option with 'Use transparency', no limitation! You can change opacity of the silhouettes. Minor bugfixes.

v.1.2.0 (current) Added different lock modes. (you will see changes on the panel) Supports pose mode. Supports linked collection objects. Supports locking views to an specific mesh object in a manual way. Some minor bug fixes.

v.1.1.3 Hot bugfix. Mutate view feature didn't work.

v.1.1.2 (release) Added 3/4 view presets. Some refactoring to improve target tracking.



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