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Prisma Palette: Photoshop Panel

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For Photoshop CC 2015.5 +


From the maker of Colour Constructor. A revolutionary new idea in artist's tools; a painter's palette based on physics, that generates different palettes for lit and shadowed areas.

Prisma Palette generates individual gamut masks for any number of light sources; mapping exact local colours to lit colours within the colour space.

Features: The most advanced gamut map generator on the market Generate mathematically correct colour palettes within a lit space Reverse engineer local colours from lit colours Workflow optimized for painting with as little interruption as possible Three picker modes with live updating of position Shortcut key to toggle lights High Performance, with realtime updating of all sliders Free updates


UI tutorial:

Painting an Image:

Older Photoshop Support:

I am going to extend support back as far as possible in the coming weeks. I am fairly certain i should be able to support back to cc 2014.

For cs5 + cs6. I am still researching this possibility.

Contact Me: [email protected]

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