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The Witch - Happy Halloween 2019

The pose and concept based on The Art of GEIKOU ( Thanks so much!

Another Halloween season has arrived. When someone talks about Halloween, we think of witches, brooms, pumpkins. In the hearts of all the children (including me when I was little) the witch was always evil, but now I think the opposite. :)). So I want to give a gentle and cute witch character.

When buying this model, you will own: - Zbrush original file (ZTL) - OBJ and STL formats with 17 parts has been divided (with creating a key to connect), ready for 3d printing.

13th October, 2019: version 1.0

17th July, 2020: version 1.1 - Split each part, create key to get ready for 3D printing.

22th September, 2020: version 1.2 - Fix a few defective details and add wrinkles to the clothes

Thanks so much! Hope you guys like her.

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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