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Sci-fi Scene for renders - The Last Star

Be sure to familiarize yourself Hello everyone dear friends! I hasten to introduce you a new scene for rendering - the last star, with a...

Be sure to familiarize yourself. Hello everyone dear friends! I hasten to introduce you a new scene for rendering - the last star, with a view into outer space) Well, as always, something went wrong in terms of working with materials, I decided to try making tile textures, and since I absolutely do not understand what a node system is, I had to do with simple materials in the form normal color, light, black with a slight adjustment of metallicity and roughness. The same glass with which there were problems in the form of reflections of the light sources that are inside this beautiful scene, I still could not find a solution, but the glass remained it was just turned off, most likely this is done through the same compositing in which I am also not strong). And so, now let's go through in order all the issues that may arise when buying this scene. 1) What is inside the downloaded archive- File format, Blender 2.81 with a fully configured scene for rendering 4KA for 30 minutes CPU, the preview shows the result that you get in the lower right corner. The same file format is FBX, and OBJ for import to third-party 3D programs, and here, the materials that are assigned in the scene and the render itself, you have to configure yourself. 2) Why I don’t have textures, I want the same result as yours, such a result can only be obtained in Blender 2.8! Textures are not supplied for this project, they are not there, there are simple materials, but you yourself can make your tile textures and apply them to the scene. 3) This scene consists of the details on which the chamfer is made, shading is corrected with the help of loop loops, and triangulation is performed in those places where it is necessary, as some 3D programs have problems with a polygon with more than 4 points. 4) There is no HDRI card, in the screenshots it is, the card is made procedurally in Blender itself, so it is absent in the FBX and OBJ formats. 5) The scene consists of 300 objects broken up by name with the assigned material, and has a UV scan for the correct blending of tile textures with a texture. 6) There are light sources; you don’t have to look for a place where they will be located if the result strengthens you. 7) The cameras are installed in their places for rendering as a preview, but you can change their location yourself for more successful frames. 8) In the screenshots you can see not only a clean render, but with processing in Photoshop how much my knowledge is enough) All It will be indicated in the lower right corner of the preview. 9) this scene is very large, therefore it can be cut off by the focus of the camera in the port, you should increase the range  camera rendering. 10) For what and how can you use this scene. For rendering ships, for rendering equipment, for art. Not suitable for gaming engines since the polygon of this project is 3,000,000 polygons, optimization is required. Or use as reference for composing your blocks or trimm shits. If you have any questions, or problems with archives, do not open or cause an error, then immediately inform me and we will solve all arising questions from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. Moscow time. And if you like what I'm doing, then for motivation you can like it) Thank you all for your support and good shots to you) Bye Bye.


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