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Broken Ceramic Tile | Sbs & Sbsar |

Hi. This time,

for lovers of Substance 3D Designer material, I made a valuable broken floor tile with attractive features, including :

variety : Two different patterns that you can choose the color you want , can be rotated and the number of tiles can be adjusted, Control of broken tiles and control of small and large cracks,Control of dirt and damaged edges.

Two different styles of mortar under the tile | glue and cement | The normal direction can be changed and you can control the roughness and height , and having the SBS file, read the SBS file and add new patterns with your creativity.

This PBR material product is 100% procedural and you can create outputs in any Size and any Format that you need (8 Bit or 16 Bit); And you can randomize output result by SBSAR file.

Inside the archive:

Sbs & Sbsar :

Basecolor Diffuse AmbientOcclusion Glossiness Height Metallic Normal Roughness Specular

This product was completely created in Substance 3D Designer and rendered in Marmoset Toolbox.

I hope this product was useful for you.

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