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Female Low poly Model Rigged

This beautiful girl has these following features :

*Mesh features : * - Low Poly Mesh - Textured with 4K body map textures. -...

This beautiful girl has these following features :

*Mesh features : * - Low Poly Mesh. - Textured with 4K body map textures. - Detailed body rigs for animation, mocaps and posing, which makes it ready to use for films, games and animation videos. - Detailed breast texture. - Model is naked and ready to be dressed. - Gen included (shape only). - Realistic body and face texture.

Hair Details : - Bun hair style included contains normal polygon count. - Eyelashes are designed seperately with detailed lash texture. - Eyebrows are also part of the mesh and designed seperately with seperate texture, which adds extra detail to model and make it appear more realistic.

Bones & Rigs : - Detailed facial rig for more realistic emotion and expressions. - Detailed body rig great for animation and mocaps.

Poly Count : - Body Mesh Count : P : 28,059 | V : 42,728 - Hair Bun count : P : 76,110 | V : 159,771 - Complete Count : P : 104,169 | V : 202,499

This is a Subdivision Ready Low-Poly Model. This beautiful woman character model comes with have a detailed set of 4k texture maps. Use of SSS (Sub-Surface Scattering) Material can enhance the look of the renders.


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