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Hand Painted Texturing in Substance Painter

Trailer: UPDATE: Project files added!

Hello there!

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how I hand paint textures in Substance Painter using a few different approaches. It comes in two parts, one being the full process of texturing the pork cube and the other taking a look at how the dagger was created. Different levels of complexity and a slightly different approach for each.

Basic knowledge of Substance Painter is recommended.

Starting off with a brief intro of how I approach simple asset texturing by going through a Substance Painter file of a small texture study. Part one is a roughly 2 hour long real-time texturing process of a pork cube, all done completely in Substance Painter. This one follows along the full texturing process so you can see me put down every stroke. Part two is a look at the process of creating the dagger. I'm going to take you through a finished file and talk through the steps taken. This includes modeling, texturing and presentation. Main focus of the course is hand painting textures in Substance Painter and the process in general.

Full length of all videos is slightly over 3h30min.

I used Blender and Photoshop for different parts of the project, but any 3D and 2D software of choice will work. With one exception being the 3D presentation part, which involves creating a simple stylized shader in Blender.

If you're looking to tackle stylized hand painted textures in Substance, this is he course for you!

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