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Creating A 3D Game Asset From Start To Finish



Welcome to my tutorial showing the full pipeline of creating a 3D asset for video games. We're going to start from scratch with design and take it all the way to final real-time render using Marmoset Toolbag.

Some basic knowledge of the software listed is required, but if you can navigate your way in the user interface, it's going to be enough. This tutorial is aimed at beginner level artists, but there might be a thing or two to pick up for intermediate level as well, or just someone looking for another way to approach asset creation and add a few new tricks to their workflow.

  • We're going to talk about low poly modeling, sculpting, UV unwrapping, all done in Blender. Focus will be on non destructive modeling, using modifiers to save time and adjust easily.
  • After we export the models, we'll bring them into Substance Painter for texturing, where we'll create textures from nothing. We will bake the required maps and texture the asset piece by piece focusing on different materials and approaches for them.
  • We'll use Photoshop to quickly create some alphas to help out with texturing using photo reference.
  • With texturing done, we'll jump into Marmoset Toolbag, set up the shader, create lighting and capture the final image.
  • Bonus chapter about some compositing tips and tricks in Photoshop.

A bit more than 2h30min of fully narrated video content.

It's taken a lot of work to create this, I hope you enjoy and learn something new!

All the best,


UPDATE: As of April 11th, 2021, new video files have been uploaded that include newly recorded audio. Better narration and better quality. Besides that, there are few new bonus chapters showing off a bit of a different approach that’s more in line how I do things these days. This addresses an important issue people had with the course, hope you enjoy the update!

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