Let me share a true story with you:

There was a time 4 years ago where I was frustrated beyond belief.

No matter what I...

Let me share a true story with you:

There was a time 4 years ago where I was frustrated beyond belief.

No matter what I did it felt like I wasn't progressing at art fast enough.

I got to the point where creating art was PAINFUL. It was like nothing made sense.

This "art block" went on for weeks.

What was even more depressing is that I felt like I had been left out...

...Like all the other artists I saw online had the "Golden Keys" to creating GORGEOUS WORK and I somehow didn't possess those golden keys.

Weeks turned into months. There were many times I felt like I was going to quit making art altogether.

...But then there was a little spark of hope.

From where it sprung I can't tell, all I knew was that it began to move me.

I clung to this little spark like it was my own breath, and it drove me to search for the solution to this problem.

I wanted the respect that other artists had earned, I ached for the CERTAINTY they had when making their work.

One day my searching lead me to a book where I discovered many of these "Golden Keys."

That book was written by none other than Andrew Loomis.

In it he laid out fundamental artistic principles-- methods an artist could employ to gain that certainty, to have that creative security.

Lines, values, edges, colors, composition, the list goes on.

I studied one of Loomis' books, and then a few more.

I picked up Hogarth, Vandepoel, Speed, Bridgeman-- I delved into each of these other great teachers of art, and picked up many-a Golden Key.

With diligent practice and a reformed attitude, I now progress at my art faster than ever. I use and re-use these keys each and every time I sit down to work.

I've found that the most successful artists have one thing in common, they invest in their growth and development.

In this self-directed 16 week course, I give you all the tools, terminology, tips, and techniques you'll need to see impact and improvement in your work.

Each video contains multiple Golden Keys, and it's up to you now to find them.

Even if you've tried to improve before and weren't satisfied with the results, this is your fresh start. That was then, this is now.

It's been 4 years since I began my search, and though I've found dozens of golden keys, I still can't tell you where that little spark came from.

Does that little spark burn within you too?

COURSE INFO: This is a powerful combination of The Beginner Drawing Course and The Beginner Painting Course. 16 weeks worth of art education.

Course Outline:

  1. Intro to Drawing - The right state of mind, body, and attitude.

  2. Fundamentals - The basis of drawing evolution

  3. Drawing from life - Going to the source

  4. The Gesture of Drawing - Speeding up the eye, mind, and hand

  5. Values and Forms: - Values are second only to drawing in importance.

  6. Easy and effective perspective - Create an instant feeling of space.

  7. Creative drawing - Using Reference as a path to success.

  8. Drawing from imagination - The mind's eye

  9. Drawing to paint I

  10. Drawing to paint II

  11. Values, Shading & Form I

  12. Values, Shading & Form II

  13. Edges (The painter's Secret) I

  14. Edges II

  15. Color I

  16. Color II

There are also 3 exclusive tutorials that aren't found in the either course separately, only in this combined package.

You get a Behind-the-scenes look at how I paint my drawings

(including the preview image.)


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