400 Flowered & Geometrical Seamless Alpha Patterns

400 | Flowered and Geometrical Seamless Alpha Patterns 4K | Png + Psd +Jpg

This product precisely created inside Photoshop and illustrator

“Give a lot more realistic look to your design now”

If you looking for a big “Seamless Alpha Patterns 4K Pack” for use in your projects include alpha for painting in substance painter as stencil in “Substance Painter” as mask in “3ds Max” as factor in “Blender” material shading editor or use as alpha to create these complex shapes in just one click in Zbrush to carve in any mesh or create any ornamnet projection onto your mesh so this product include 400 Seamless Alpha Patterns 4K | Png + Psd +Jpg is for you , in general weather you using to paint or mixing materials these alphas are enough usage to be in your library Shirt patterns that you see in product poster ,textured and rendered in blender but you can create more easily with combination off layer systems with normal paint layer and increase or decrease height value inside substance painter too. this procedure allow us to lower modeling time to almost quarter time of just modeling these ornamnets in software so if you are a advanced texture artist or cg artist or if you just start texturing this product can significant help you reduce your creating time

Practical uses:

You can use to create Cloth pattern
You can use to create  Pillows pattern
You can use to create Blanket pattern
You can use to create Sheets pattern
You can use to create   on any pot or jar object
You can use to create carving detail on any knight character body metal sheild

Don’t Hesitate And Buy

Main features :

400 patterned pieces
Flowered pattern
Geometrical Pattern
Tileable and Seamless
4K Alpha Resolution ( 4096 *4096)
PNG + PSD + JPG Formats
Multi purpose
Celtic and Gothic Variation Included
Can be use As Alpha In substance Painter
Can be use As Alpha  in Zbrush
Can be use As Factor in Blender
Can be use As Mask in 3dsmax and other Softwares

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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