213 Realistic Japanese Samurai Reference Pack

If you want to add more detail to your projects and looking for new ideas.... You are in a correct place because I suggest you these resources images to create unique characters . enjoy it .

Here are 213 reference images to help you get inspired in filed of your work and use them for your designs. I was tried to create useful images when you are using them especially painting or design a new character.

🟠Illustrations Details:

JPEG 4K (4096x4096) 🟤 Depending on your needs, this pack can be used in the following areas:

NFT Matte Painting Concept Art Environment Wallpaper Reference Print Multimedia ✔️ AI-Generated This product is completely created by artificial intelligence and all the imaginations of a user, and is aimed at inspiring the goals of 3D and 2D artists in different fields! In all our products

You will get 3 files

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