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HK MP5K from the movie Doom 3d print model

The Kid wields two futuristic machine pistols/sub-machine guns made from Heckler & Koch MP5Ks.

When creating this model, I relied on photographs of the props used in the film. The model is worked out to the smallest detail and corresponds to the props used in the film.

The model is easy to print. The details of the model are designed so that they can be printed on printers with a small print area.

Also, I took into account the possibility of printing individual parts with colored plastics, in colors that match the colors of the original parts.

After printing, this gun will not pose any problems to assemble. Attached is a diagram of the assembled view. On it you can easily assemble it. If you don't want to print parts, there is an option to print in one piece. This is not a working weapon but a toy. It does not have working mechanisms and functions of real weapons.

It will take its rightful place in your collection or complement your cosplay look. Model dimensions:

  • length – 394 mm
  • height – 303 mm
  • width – 66 mm

The model consists of:

Ver1 - whole pistol not divided into parts Ver2 - sub-machine guns divided into 43 parts for printing

Separately, taking into account printing on printers with a small print area. But you can split it yourself as you need. The model file is attached in one piece.


Useful links:

Designed in Solid Works 2012, rendered in Keyshot 10.

You will get 93 files

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