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Modern Tank Mega Collection Advanced Blueprint UE4

Please Note: This pack is released as a 7-Pack and at a discount. An eighth thank, the Challenger-2, will be added to this collection at...

Please Note: This pack is released as a 7-Pack and at a discount. An eighth thank, the Challenger-2, will be added to this collection at a later date. If you own this pack you will receive this tank for free. Thank you!

Available for: UE 4.25+

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Playable Demo - M1A2

Playable Demo - Merkava

Playable Demo - Leopard

Playable Demo - T90

Playable Demo - T14

Playable Demo - Type 10

Playable Demo - K2

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This asset features a fully drivable tank controller, with rigged tracks, wheels, hydraulics, and more! It is possible to aim and target the cannon and machine-gun separately, with sounds and visual effects included! These features are all multiplayer-ready. All inputs are configured, simply launch the project and press play, to be in control of your own tank. It is easy to modify the configuration of the blueprint, for more arcadey or more realistic driving, the choice is yours! In collaboration with Gerhald3D.

Road Map

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Plugin Controller Documentation: Enhanced Vehicle Plugin Integration

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Email - [email protected]


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v1.0 - released

v1.01 - 10/01/2022

v1.02 - 16/01/2022

v1.03 - 19/01/2022

v1.04 - 02/02/2022

v1.05 – 07/03/2022

v1.06 - 28/03/2022

  • General – Overhauled Plugin Controller - Highly recommended for more realistic behaviour, 1:1 feature set

  • General – Enhanced vehicle track logic, more responsive and consistent

  • General – You can reset the tank controller by pressing "P"

  • Content – Improved interface

  • Content – Added playable demo

  • Content – Added additional demo map

Active Features

An advanced tank controller is included, that includes:

  • Replication - All features are multiplayer ready
  • Destruction - Tanks can shoot at each other, and be destroyed. Each tank has it's own unique destructible static mesh with dynamic texture variations. Bonus impact decal with variations included.
  • High Texel Density - 5 Separate Material Slots + 2 Wheel Slots ensure maximum visual fidelity
  • Demo Desert Level
  • Advanced PHYSX based tank controller for satisfying and realistic tank movement
  • UV Animated Tracks
  • Physically simulated accessories (antenna's, latches)
  • Skeleton with an appropriate track, suspension, and wheel hierarchy
  • Sound Effects - Idle, Engine, Cannon, Machine Gun, Impact, Projectile Woosh, Explosions, Fire, Weapon Turn etc.
  • Turret and Weapon control with collision avoidance for the tank body
  • Animated Cannon Recoil
  • Weapon Component - Easy customization of effects and sounds
  • Projectile Component - Easy customization of effects and sounds (Includes bonus 203mm shell model)
  • Togglable Lights
  • Track Decals
  • Particle effects - Impact (Missle, Machine Gun, Dirt, Metal etc.), Firing, Dust, Exhaust, Fire, Weapon Trails etc.

Additional Features

Support for the Offworld Defense Simulations tank plugin is also included. Contact me to receive the free plugin and then just enable the plugin, install the bonus files, and enjoy the high-quality track, wheel, and hydraulic suspension!

Technical Details

Technical Features:

  • 7 x Rigged Hero Quality Tanks (Merkava Mk. 4, Leopard 2A7, M1A2, T-90, T-14 Armata, Type 10, K2 Black Panther)
  • 7 x Static Destroyed Variants
  • 1 x 203mm Cannon Shell
  • 4 Leopard 2A7 armor variations (Desert, Forest01, Urban01 and Snow)
  • 4 Merkava Mk. 4 armor variations (Desert, Forest01, Forest02 and Snow)
  • 4 M1A2 armor variations (Desert, Forest01, Forest02 and Snow)
  • 4 T-90 armor variations (Desert01, Desert02, Forest01 and Snow01)
  • 4 T-14 Armata armor variations (Desert, Forest01, Forest02 and Snow)
  • 4 Type 10 armor variations (Desert, Forest01, Forest02 and Snow)
  • 4 K2 Black Panther armor variations (Desert, Forest01, Forest02 and Snow)
  • Emissive Light Controls
  • Rigged Suspension & Hydraulics compatible with ODI plugin
  • Skeleton and Rig are consistent with other marketplace plugins and vehicles.

Technical Details:

  • Triangles: 95,536 LOD0 to 6,210 LOD3 - (MK.4)
  • Triangles: 81,079 LOD0 to 4,864 LOD3 - (2A7 )
  • Triangles: 66,685 LOD0 to 8,335 LOD3 - (M1A2)
  • Triangles: 193,988 LOD0 to 11,639 LOD3 - (T-90)
  • Triangles: 75,084 LOD0 to 4,505 LOD3 - T-14)
  • Triangles: 76,544 LOD0 to 4,592 LOD3 - (Type 10)
  • Triangles: 58,596 LOD0 to 3,515 LOD3 - (K2)
  • Material Slots: 5-7 material slots
  • Textures: 4k to 512, rectangular, optimized, UV animated track textures included.

LODs: Yes

Number of Blueprints: 49

Network Replicated: (Yes)


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