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Brush Pack: Yevvie's MTX [Clip Studio Paint]

This Material Brush Pack includes 9 Textured Brushes I've made and use for most of my concept art and studies. They have blocky structure and organic texture, allowing for defining both big shapes and the smallest details with limited amount of strokes. It gives nice texture variety and makes creating materials from landscaping to fashion very easy, making it much simpler to make concept art, painterly illustration and studies.


  • Yevvie MTX Round - good for defining big, soft shapes, round items and soft lines.
  • Yevvie MTX Rectangle - my favorite blocking and thumbnailing brush.
  • Yevvie MTX Square - good for creating perfectly straight lines, buildings, structural pieces.
  • Yevvie MTX Double Round - double round stroke, allowing for more organic shapes and lines.
  • Yevvie MTX Sharp - very fine detail brush, in big version perfect for sharp, industrial details and debris.
  • Yevvie MTX Rough A - horizontal conceptual brush, good for clouds, organic items, tight bushes and leaf clusters.
  • Yevvie MTX Rough B - abstract conceptual brush for very scattered leaves, ground details, elements and weather.
  • Yevvie MTX Rough C - rectangular conceptual brush with chalky texture, good for defining edges in painterly pieces and for laying base texture under things.
  • Yevvie MTX Rough C2 - alternative version with much stronger texture load for more variation.

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