5 Digital Art Classes: Learn New CG Skills This Year

5 Digital Art Classes: Learn New CG Skills This Year

In the ever-evolving world of digital art, staying one step ahead of the game is crucial for artists looking to exceed their creative limits. Many times, however, this requires a burst of initial guidance and motivation to help you hit the ground running. That’s where we come in! 

As we pass the new year, we’re bringing you a tailored list of 5 spectacular digital art classes that we hope will help you to both elevate old skills and introduce you to new techniques.

1. Understanding the Illustration Process

If you’re looking for a masterclass about illustration that is comprehensive but not overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place. In this class, you’ll learn the full process of illustration from start to finish, led by a professional illustrator with over a decade of industry experience. Catering to beginners who are looking to boost their skills, this class offers insights into workflow, common mistakes and how to avoid them, guidance for creative theory and application, and examples of best practices that help make every design a winner.

This educational bundle contains:

  • 3.5 hours of HD video tutorial with professional audio in 2 parts.
  • PDFs of video content

Topics include:

  • Studying the outline
  • Composing scenes and patterns
  • Practicing value studies
  • Using references, and more!

2. Portrait Drawing Masterclass

As a digital artist, your artwork will predominantly exist in the digital realm. However, putting the screen aside is often a beneficial exercise. Engaging with more traditional art mediums can help you gain insights into the behavior of physical materials and enhance your grasp of digital techniques. In this masterclass, renowned artist Ivan Loginov shares expert methods he uses throughout his traditional drawing process, offering a glance at various tangible forms of artistic expression.

This course includes:

  • 1.15-hour live drawing session in Grafit studio
  • Text explanation of key tips and tricks
  • Photos of the final results

3. Painting Process: Video Guide & Files

Navigating the creative process of painting from start to finish can be overwhelming, with every step leading to new uncertainties. This class breaks this down for you into 10 distinct stages. 

With MTG artist Clint Cearley as your guide, you’ll learn exactly what each step entails, from creating new concepts to sketching out anatomy. It includes in-depth videos for newbies who require a detailed breakdown, as well as an easy-to-reference PDF guide for more advanced artists.

This digital class contains:

  • 1280x720 96-minute video
  • PDFs of video content (19 slides)
  • PDF for random character and environment generation (explained in video)

4. Illustrator CC - Essentials Masterclass

For those digital artists whose interest has always been piqued by the world of graphic design, this course is perfect for you. This Illustrator Essentials masterclass will help guide you through a few practical projects, such as postcards, logos, icons, and hand-drawn illustrations. Students will dive into subjects such as exploring lines and brushes, pushing, pulling, and cuts, and the basic essentials such as saving, exporting, and more.

This educational bundle consists of:

  • 39 lectures of 5+ hours of content
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Downloadable cheat sheet
  • Finished files
  • Forum support

Note: Adobe Illustrator 2018 or above is required for this class.

5. ART School - TRIAL

This is the trial version of Marc Brunet’s long-established ART School for digital artists, providing an opportunity for beginners to dip their toes into his digital art classes before committing to the full package. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide an optimal art education at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.

If you’re thinking about jumping into ART School but want a preview first, this trial was made just for you. It contains condensed versions of 6 out of the 30 full-length courses available within the complete curriculum. 

More specifically, this trial bundle includes:

  • Samples of 6 terms in Art School:
    • Term 1- Photoshop for Digital Production
    • Term 1- Visual Communication
    • Term 2- Anatomy
    • Term 3- Clothed Figure Drawing
    • Term 5- Animal & Creature Drawing
    • Term 8- Prop design
  • Access to private Discord channel
  • Assignments
  • 23-page weekly study guide workbook
  • Bonus files

Create New Worlds with Cubebrush

For illustrators, analog-leaning artists, or digital painters, there’s something for everyone in the world of Cubebrush resources. Regardless of your interests, these five digital art classes are just a chapter along your journey toward digital mastery. 

So whether you’re an established artist or a budding creative, Cubebrush is committed to providing digital artists with the knowledge and toolsets required to excel! Visit our Marketplace today to start connecting with the content and creators that will guide your career!