Digital Art

Understanding the Illustration Process

“..the video is really great. Such coherent breakdowns of topics that can be so overwhelming. Great work, an amazing resource that is going to help so many level up. So well done, I wish I had this a few years ago!”

Learn the illustrator's process of taking an outline to a professional final image! A decade of industry experience in illustration and education is condensed into this 3.5hr material. Aimed for the amateur who is stepping up to a semi-pro level, this content provides a clear workflow to follow, addresses common mistakes, and examples the concepts with images, text and demonstrations. Topics covered include: studying the outline, composing scenes with compositional patterns, how to do value studies, using references, color theory and how to create color studies, character design, and more. A resource of art theory and practical advice that will save you time and struggle. • 3.5hrs of video split between Part 1 and Part 2. Full HD with professional audio. • PDFs of "slides" used in video

More Feedback: “Super happy to get this, thank you so much! Exactly what I needed ^^” “..the things you've been producing has always help me out tremendously in terms of my art skills. Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Get more improvement with less struggle in the live online classes with feedback! Your MTG artist instructors will answer your questions and help you level up your art skills in 8-weeks,

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