7 Fighting Pose Reference Packs for Artists

7 Fighting Pose Reference Packs for Artists

Creating dynamic fighting poses in your art can often be a challenge, as it requires a good eye for detail, anatomical knowledge, and a skilled hand to imbue your drawings with dynamic energy. In fact, fighting often puts your characters in positions that are extremely unusual and difficult to render, and developing artists can quickly find themselves at a loss with the pen.

That’s what we’re here for! At Cubebrush, we specialize in helping digital artists tackle all the tough challenges and tricky poses. In today’s blog, we’ll be offering you seven fighting pose reference resources designed to take your mastery of fighting scenes to the next level.

Female Fighting Pose Reference Pics

This assortment of references contains 30 high-resolution female fighting stance images. A multicolored light display contrasts against a moody backdrop creating electrifying scenery while helping to accentuate the curves and muscular contours of the model. For those artists seeking inspiration to enhance their drawing practice, these dynamic poses and curated backgrounds make for a winning combination.  

With this purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 30 female fighting reference images

Male Fighting Pose Reference Pics

This resource containing over 300 energetic male fighting scenes and battle enactments offers a vast array of unique references ideal for figure drawing, anatomical studies, illustration, and more. The use of costumes, props, and the interaction between the two models in expression and posture generates many original angles and perspectives for artists to utilize in their drawings. 

This asset pack includes:

  • 300+ male fighting reference photographs

Action & Fighting Reference Pack Vol. 1

This photo bundle contains 49 high-resolution anime-style images of Ashley Riot modeling in a dynamic fighting pose reference pack. A range of emotive facial expressions and unique angles can be accessed in this collection of superb references, making it perfect for developing concept artists and anime admirers alike.

This product consists of:

  • 49 female fighting reference images

Lively Combat Poses

This collection of over 500 high-definition female combat stances features an extensive range of striking techniques, martial arts, and power poses. For the beginner seeking to improve their figure drawing techniques and composition skills to the established artist pursuing new inspiration, this masterful compilation and invaluable resource caters to all.  

This exciting bundle contains:

  • 500+ female combat reference photographs

Dynamic Action Poses

Perfect for concept designers, artists, and illustrators, this vivid assortment showcases a breadth of vibrant, in-motion male action poses such as jumps, balletic leaps, static stances, and props. Specifically orchestrated to convey the elegance and athleticism of the male form, this versatile pack of stylized and naturalistic depictions satisfies all artistic preferences. 

With this purchase, you’ll get:

  • 520+ dynamic action male reference images

Marvel-Style Poses

For the Marvel fans out there or those aspiring to evolve as a concept artist or comic illustrator, this array of 900+ superhero-inspired reference postures could be just the resource you need. This high-powered and lively assortment consists of leaps, falls, kicks, and more, shot in a variety of angles and focal lengths. With so many original images to choose from, you won’t be short of material or inspiration when dipping your toe into the explosive Marvel universe. 

This product contains:

  • 900+ Marvel-style reference photographs

Art Poses in Action

A wealth of 600+ captivating and expressive reference images containing acrobatics, fighting stances, leaps, and tumbles are included in this beautiful gallery. Star Wars action scenes inspire a mixture of low fighting and standing poses that are interspersed with the use of prop weapons. This graceful model conveys strength and fluidity in her gestures, making her an ideal study for anatomical and figure drawing practice.

With this purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 600+ female in action reference images

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Whether you’re a budding beginner attempting to master the basics or a seasoned professional honing the fine details of your craft, with Cubebrush you're always one click away from developing by leaps and bounds using the invaluable fighting pose reference resources we have available. Discover a world of tools and begin fulfilling your creative aspirations today with Cubebrush!