Zombie Pose Reference Images: Bring Your Characters to Death

Zombie Pose Reference Images: Bring Your Characters to Death

If you're a fan of horror and gore, perhaps you’ve dabbled with designing fantasy creatures or monsters in the past and struggled. Zombies can make particularly terrifying models, but sometimes perfecting the anatomical details, eerie expressions, wounds, and decayed appearance that make them leap off the screen is no easy task! 

We want to help you resurrect your zombie pose drawing skills, so we’re offering up six helpful resources to help you master these challenging corpses and expand your artistic repertoire.

Gore Zombie Character Reference Pictures

This collection of over 350 high-resolution female zombie images includes a versatile range of poses and portrait close-ups for improving your anatomical drawings and facial expressions. Different lighting arrangements as well as SFX makeup textures are utilized to enhance shadows and construct artificial wounds for your reference when attempting to recreate your own creepy characters.

With this purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 350+ female zombie reference photographs

Zombie Pose Reference Pictures

If your thirst for gore isn’t yet satiated, this next asset should do the trick! In this chilling photoshoot depicting a bloodthirsty zombie devouring a fleshy meal, you’ll uncover 1400 disturbing images of various contorted walks, lunges, crawls, and static poses. Whether you’re an illustrator, concept artist, or horror enthusiast, this treasure trove of references can support you in developing your most authentic and terrifying subhuman characters. 

This asset pack includes:

  • 1400 male zombie reference images

Zombie Military Male PNG Cutout Pack

If you’re an animator looking to improve your stylized and fantasy-themed characters, look no further than this gallery of 657 military-inspired male zombie cutouts. Ranging from lifelike to monstrous and featuring a spectrum of running, standing, crouching, and crawling poses as well as gruesome wounds, this collection will surely inspire your most ghoulish and striking creations to date. 

This product consists of:

  • 657 transparent PNG military zombie male cutouts

Comic Pose Reference Images

This assortment of comic-themed, female anatomical poses, may not be explicitly zombiesque, but still offers a multitude of energetic, fighting, and powerful static postures that would make ideal references for any zombie pose or related project. An array of angles, facial expressions, and lighting arrangements work in synergy to create several original images for you to learn and draw inspiration from.

This exciting bundle contains:

  • 500+ female comic reference photographs

Warrior Female Reference Pictures

Many more fantastic references can also be discovered outside of the zombie category. Plus, you’ll need some characters to kill off the legions of undead stalkers, and this pack will help you sketch them to perfection. 

This compilation of high-definition, ultra-dynamic poses featuring a fiery-haired female warrior embodies the strength, agility, and savagery that characterize both heroes and zombies. A number of costume choices and props such as armor and weapons are used, as well as an impressive display of elevated, static, and combative stances. It’s perfect for concept artists and illustrators alike.

With this purchase, you’ll get:

  • 740+ warrior female reference images

Vampire Character Poses

What do vampires and zombies have in common? Their appetite for human flesh! These high-resolution close-ups and full-length portraits make the perfect reference for studying vicious gestural and bite expressions under a variety of black, white, and red lighting conditions. 

Whether blood or brains are more your bag, you can certainly still draw inspiration from this library of gory vampire character poses for your next fantasy artwork. 

With this purchase, you’ll get:

  • 150+ female vampire reference pictures

Did Zombodie Say Cubebrush?

If you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed, you’re not a-bone! Whether you’re approaching fantasy/gothic art for the first time or a seasoned professional, conjuring up convincing zombie pose images from your imagination and translating them to paper can be quite the undertaking. That’s why here at Cubebrush we have a myriad of jaw-dropping resources to get you from where you are to where you want to be, and today's recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Discover the underworld of Cubebrush today, and never stop pursuing your ghouls!