ART WAR 4 Finalists Revealed

ART WAR 4 Finalists Revealed

The top 30 finalists for our epic yearly event have been revealed! 

Every single year the bar goes up when it comes to the ART WAR 4 entries and this year was no exception; everybody did a phenomenal job and contributed to making this contest our most successful yet! That made it all the more difficult to select the final 30 in each category.

We want to congratulate everyone who participated, particularly those of you who made it until the end and submitted your final entry. It's been an absolute blast to look at all the amazing art that was created for the contest.

See all the finalists here!

What's next?

Over the next week our honorary judges will carefully pick the final 10 finalists before they are announced in a follow-up post. We'll make sure to introduce the judges then as well.

It's going to be a difficult task to pick only 10 so thanks for your patience while the judges select their top 10!

Now, make sure you check out the finalists page, enjoy some beautiful art and stay creative!

-The Cubebrush team