ART WAR 4 - Top 10 Finalists & Judges

ART WAR 4 - Top 10 Finalists & Judges

It's time! After careful consideration, the Art War 4 honorary judges have finally selected the competition's top 10 finalists in each category!

Before we get to the finalists however, here are the very important people who had to make the tough decisions narrowing down all the finalists to the final 10 and who will be tasked with the even harder decision of selecting the winners. Those winners, by the way, will be revealed next week!

Here are the 9 industry rockstars we'd like to give big "THANKS" to for their valued help! Make sure to check out their breathtaking portfolios!

Now, follow this link to see our top finalists!

Once again, congratulations to everyone who completed and submitted their entries - particularly our finalists! Considering how high the bar was this year, it's an incredible accomplishment to make it this far.

Stay tuned for the follow-up post next week when we reveal the winners!

-The Cubebrush team