Collections You Don't Want to Miss

Collections You Don't Want to Miss

Cubebrush is known for providing all the resources artists crave in one place. And these Cubebrush collections might just be the epitome of what we have to offer. Here are three quality collections you won’t want to miss.

Royalty-Free Photo Packs

From the small-scale such as anatomy references, to medium-scale figure drawing, and even large-scale scenery, this photo pack has you covered. And as a royalty-free resource, once you’ve purchased the pack, you won’t ever have to worry about paying a licensing fee on the content again.

Although there are a plethora of packs to choose from, here are our top picks:

Dramatic Figure Lighting - Reference Pictures

This reference pack is great for anyone looking to develop an eye for lighting and shading. It includes over 430 high-resolution images of both a male and female model so that you can practice figure drawing and dramatic lighting all at once.

Figure Drawing: Warrior - Reference Pictures

A brother of the pack above, this set of reference photos provides a diverse assortment of dynamic warrior poses to aid you in creating your next digital fight scene. You’ll get a good idea of the anatomy of moving body parts, and many more ideas for gripping poses. 

With over 430 high-resolution references, this comprehensive pack alone is a resource that you can return to throughout your career.

South River Falls - Reference Pictures

This highly rated kit provides detailed and large-format reference pictures for creating elaborate scenery. This pack comes with 174 images of the South River falls, which includes rocky landscapes, forests, and water features, creating diverse terrains with which you can create new digital worlds.

Best Selling Painting Brushes

For those avid digital painters, you may have just stumbled upon heaven on earth. This collection of painting brush best-sellers will equip you with the tools you’ll need to take your talent to the next level. We’ve broken them down into brushes best for both Photoshop and Procreate so that you can make the most of the tools you can access.

It was difficult to choose amongst the many fantastic options, but here are three of the most highly rated brush packs:

Brush pack Pro II for Procreate 5 Ipad

This brush pack includes 82 brushes that can be used for a range of uses, including concept art and illustrations. This is great for anyone looking for a versatile set of tools to speed up your workflow and achieve a range of stroke looks. As a bonus, well-known CG artist Loish uses these brushes in a tutorial that you can follow along with.

CHEAT Brushes - Complete Set

This set of ‘cheat’ brushes by Marc Brunet will help you create female and male heads and torsos in Photoshop with a single click. The content is constantly being added to, which means that if you buy now, you’ll be able to access all free updates in the future.

Whether it’s to practice as a beginner, or to expedite your drawing process as a professional, this set is perfect for digital character creation.

The Perfect Oils Part 2

This kit of various mixer brushes for digital painting in Procreate will get you as close to the real thing. For those artists interested in achieving realistic results, this is perfect for achieving accurate appearances with primarily oil paints, but also acrylic and tempera paints. 

With 46 mixer brush presets and 5 layer styles so that you can create various effects such as impasto, this comprehensive set is perfect for many of your digital painting needs.

3D Character Modelling Essentials

Are you starting from scratch with every new project? Ever consider tapping into the hundreds of ready-made 3D models to streamline your pipeline? Even if it’s a matter of learning and practicing, you can transform your workflow with 3D models such as basemeshes, body parts and more.

Here are a few we’d recommend to get you off to a solid start:

Realistic White Male and Female Low Poly

For those looking for basic but realistic models to use as a base, this set is for you. As low poly models that contain both the full body, eye mesh and teeth mesh, you can transform this model into pretty much anything you can imagine using these models as a guide.

Body parts

This compilation of body parts includes stylized legs, hands and ears for you to play around with. The kit contains both .ztl and .obj files, and is the perfect introduction to stylized anatomy.

Realtime Hair Tutorial with Example Model

This tutorial pack walks you through a non-destructive method of creating hair texture using multiple programs. It first walks through the hair primitives with Xgen, rendering in Arnold, and material creation in Marmoset. This is a great beginner tutorial that help you digitally recreate realistic hair in no time.

As the holidays approach, now is the perfect time to double down and get stuck in a great collection or two. Equip yourself with endless amounts of rich resources with Cubebrush.