3D Character Modeling Essentials
Speed up your workflow dramatically with these top resources
Full body Basemeshes
Female BaseMesh - LowPoly
Female Basemesh 03
Stylized Female Base Mesh - Pisciasa Edition
Basemesh Bundle V2
Custom Human Basemesh Set
Realistic White Male and Female Low Poly
Realistic White Male and Female Bundle
Male BaseMesh - LowPoly
Infinidude - Stylized Male Base-Mesh
Infinidudette - Stylized Female Base-Mesh
Female Basemesh 05
Basemesh Set - Adam & Eve
Human Basemeshes - Source Bundle
Body parts
Realtime Teeth
Realtime Eye
Human Basemeshes - LowRes
Body parts
Eyeball Real-Time
Teeth & Tongue
Teeth Sculpt for Production
First Person Arms
useful resources
Realtime Hair Tutorial with Example Model
EVY - Female Base Mesh [ Ztool + Rig Fbx&OBJ ]
Printable Male Anatomy Figure
Artist Sculpted Skull Reference
Real time hair tutorial
Male Anatomy Model Sculpt