Creating 100 Photo Reference Packs Made Me a Better Artist

Creating 100 Photo Reference Packs Made Me a Better Artist

From the 1st of April to the 26th of December 2018 I created 100 Photo Reference Packs. I wrote my first article when I achieved 50% percent of my goal. Now as promised, I wrote this article in which I share with you my experience, my achievements and the future of Nomad Photo Reference for 2019.

2 Important Lessons

To Become a Better Artist

I added many good habits to my life and the most important one is to bring my camera everywhere with me. With this project I could practice photography almost everyday whether it is about shooting, learning techniques, or editing.

Now I can read the light and that is mostly the first thing I see before shapes and colors. Besides the fact that I am almost constantly aware of  what could be interesting to shoot, my eyes tend to frame everything. 

I wish I could shoot just with my eyes…

The point here is that practicing regularly (and consciously) will of course make you a better artist, but most importantly, as an artist you will learn to see the world according to your Art if not your soul, and the world will learn to see your vision as well.

To Support My Customers and Other Artists

When I am moved by the universe of an artist (who are also sometimes my customers) I write a relevant comment or a private message just to show this artist my support and give an art tip to push the artwork even further if I can. 

I don’t write massive messages to all of the internet. I tried at the beginning but I realized I became a spammer, the guy who write useless words and end up in your spam folder.

Artwork by Loukas Panagioths - Photo pack: Yungang Caves

So I took the risk to be more sincere with myself and other artists. Write less with thoughtful words to artists that I like. It starts to pay and sometimes this create a friendly relationship. Which is what I want, I mean, since I want to be great at photos, inspire other artists and convey a vision of freedom through my art, I want my community to reflect my vision.

Besides, as a content creator, it is the best reward to see what artists do with my products. If you want to make someone happy and gain one new fan, you can easily contact me at:

[email protected]

The future of Nomad Photo Reference

New Kind of Photos

I have a tripod now, so I will make more and next level quality night shots. I will also create 360° Panoramic photos and invest into new equipment that will allow me to do new kind of photos. New lens, filters or maybe even a drone… O_O

New Challenge for 2019

I want to travel more and create a series of photo packs about the countries I’ll explore.

The challenge to create 100 photo packs was more about me and to train my perseverance by working on a personal long term project.

Now that I have enough content and followers, I want my next challenge to include my community. We could choose together which countries to explore, which locations to go and which pack themes to do. Feel free to write that in the comment section and if you are from one of the countries/places I’ll go, we could meet on Couchsurfing !

Let's make 2019 an adventure and give to Nomad Photo Reference the meaning it deserves !

Follow me and share this article to all of the artists who want to be free with their art and like to travel so we can all gather around this vision.

And remember, I may be the photographer but we are Nomad Photo Reference.