Feature Update!

Feature Update!

As most of you must've noticed by now Cubebrush had a major design update recently, followed by the successful launch of our heavily requested Partner program - we've been busy! 

Today we're happy to announce even more new features just released!

Preview Images

For a quick product preview, use the new buttons to cycle through all preview images without the need to open a product page.

Infinite Scrolling

Browsing content just got an efficacy power up thanks to infinite scrolling. Pagination adds a lot of interruptions in the browsing experience so we got rid of it! Keep scrolling and products will keep loading up.

Report Infringing Products

While we have an approval process for sellers to ensure Cubebrush remains the best curated marketplace for everything CG, sometimes products that don't quite comply with our terms might still pop up. We always appreciate it when you help us spot these products. The new Report Tool should make the process a lot more convenient. 

The product above is only an example, nothing wrong with it!

Adult Content

Cubebrush is a website you should feel comfortable browsing anywhere so it's been important to us to keep the content on the platform SFW, safe for minors. Sellers will now find an option to mark their products as containing adult content if their imagery contains nudity, which will blur the image for others. This setting can easily be enabled or disabled if needed. 

Find a product that should be blurred but isn't? Let us know using the new Report feature!

Coming Next:

  • Product bundles for sellers
  • New improved video player for streaming video content
  • Higher encoding quality, smaller files sizes

We have a lot more in store for the coming weeks so keep an eye out for the next feature update. Got any suggestions or feature request, let us know in the comments below!

-Marc & The Cubebrush Team