Featured Seller: Laura H. Rubin

Featured Seller: Laura H. Rubin

Although seller, Laura H. Rubin is new to Cubebrush, her brush packs and training files have been among some of the most popular products and here we get to learn a little more about her process and future plans. 

When did your career in art begin? 

I started with drawing when I was a kid, mainly inspired by the awesome drawings of my dad. After school and some part-time jobs as a photographer, I started studying film & visual effects at the SAE institute in Zurich. 

In order to minimize the wear and tear of paper while drawing the storyboards, I used a drawing tablet for the first time. After graduation, I worked as a designer in an advertising agency in Bern while drawing was more of a hobby.

After my boss passed away many things changed, I was no longer happy so I had to ask myself if I should apply somewhere else, or just take the risk and try to live from my art. 

I think that was when I put my artworks and digital assets up for sale. At first I didn't want to sell my digital brushes. But today I'm glad I did, because now it's great to see other artists proudly presenting their works and using my brushes to create them.

How did you start building your experience? 

I have always been interested in drawing, but I think I got most of my experience during my studies to become a film & VFX artist. There I spent a lot of time drawing storyboards and came in contact with a drawing tablet for the first time.

What do you think is the MOST important thing for an artist to have in their portfolio? 

At least one work that shows who you are! As a designer, for example, I have only included in my portfolio what I have created for clients, but I've never had clients who wanted what I’m really good at. And since my portfolio didn’t showcase what I loved most, no one ever asked for it.

What made you choose Cubebrush as your platform to create a store? 

To be honest, there was a fake account that pretended to be me and earned money by selling my products. When I became aware of it, I contacted Cubebrush immediately and I was helped very quickly: The fake account was blocked and transferred to me.

Unfortunately, fake accounts are very common but Cubebrush was the only company that could help me so quickly.

What’s your favorite feature on the site? 

In direct comparison to other providers, Cubebrush is a little more versatile and, above all, easier to use. 

Therefore there is not a single feature I favor but the whole shop system itself!

Any products on your personal wishlist? 

The products of Marc Brunet always catch my eye. Most recently, this one:


I love his style and I am sure I could learn a lot from him!

Any upcoming projects you can talk about? 

I am planning to create a series of very comprehensive worksheets in which I will try to convey as much of my knowledge about drawing, character design and art as I can! At the moment I'm working on chapter 3 and will upload them one by one soon.

Chapter 1 will be available for FREE.

Where do you want to be 5 years from now? 

A question I always try to avoid... 

We have nice weather today, you too?

Just kidding... the truth is, I don't know yet. So much has happened in the last few months and so many of my wishes have come true when I suddenly could live from my art... that I can't say exactly where I would like to be in 5 years. :)

Any advice for ambitious artists out there? 

I think if they're ambitious... then they already possess the most important attribute to become successful.

What is your favorite asset on the Cubebrush store you sell?

Definitely the upcoming worksheets. Stay tuned...

Check out more of Laura's products here: 

http://cbr.sh/k4dsmn http://cbr.sh/3f8ekc http://cbr.sh/ti9kuw http://cbr.sh/kqg681

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