Featured Seller: Rodesqa__

Featured Seller: Rodesqa__

Cubebrush store, Rodesqa__, was created by Daniel a 34 year old artist from Arizona.  He has two amazing older sisters, a daughter, and a wife who is his personal art director. 

Here we get the inside scoop about his store.

Where did your interest in art come from? 

It came from a young age, when I would try to escape from reality I looked towards art as a form of escape. I could create anything I wanted to and when I showed others and they were excited about what I would create It gave me even further happiness to keep creating not only for myself but others as well.

How did you start building your experience? 

I started building my experience in 2d trying to create comic books. My goal was to create the next DC comic story everyone could enjoy. I mostly studied manga as a style because that was my favorite genre. 

What made you decide to create 3D Assets? 

When my comic was turned down (rejected), I wanted to get my ideas out in some way so I started to learn 3d art to make assets for games. I didn’t want to give up, I just wanted to focus my skills and drive for art into something else.

What is your favorite CG tool to use? 

My absolute favorite tool to use is Houdini. It allows me to focus on programming as well as art. 

Can you talk a little bit about your style? 

My style, my main style comes from inspiration from Pixar movies. I just love the way their characters move and animate.

How do you differ from other artists?  

I wouldn’t say I more or less differ from other artists. I guess I would say that something that puts me into a smaller group of artists is that I do everything when it comes to creating 3d art and 2d. I absolutely love to program, animate, and all of the above when it comes to 3d art and have used most programs out there. 

Personal question- What do you do while creating art? Listen to music? Drink coffee? Watch TV? 

Can I say all of the above? I have ADHD so music and t.v. help me focus. When my mind is racing like it does it's hard to finish a complete song or watch a full movie. So I often play movies and songs on repeat so that my mind always goes back to them and I can actually finish them. I also drink caffeine to help me stay away during crunch time. 

What is your favorite feature on Cubebrush? 

I love the fact that Cubebrush isn't just a marketplace. That it's a community where I can connect with my customers deeper and give them what they want and need to help them. I love getting personal messages from customers telling me that the assets I made them helped them in some way. 

Any upcoming projects you can talk about? 

Well, right now I’m helping as a freelance artist on a few projects with this company. Not sure I can say more than that. But it involves their own game and animation.  

Where do you want to be 5 years from now? 

I don’t want to be rich. Just happy. I want others to be happy around me. 

Any advice for ambitious artists out there? 

Yes, I know it's tough. You will go through a bunch of emotions. But if you keep going and listen to your community you will grow as an artist. The community is your biggest tool for growth. They will help you find tools, knowledge and others to help you get to where you need to go. If you aren’t a part of a community for 3d art or art in general try to be a part of one. It’s healthy for your development and your state of mind.

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