How to Draw Comics: 5 Tutorials to Improve Your Skills

How to Draw Comics: 5 Tutorials to Improve Your Skills

Comics are one of the most popular and exciting illustration formats today, and they can take their readers on journeys that last anywhere from a single panel to a full graphic novel. There are nearly limitless possibilities for the look and feel of a comic creation, but there are some basic principles that apply no matter your style when you learn how to draw comics. 

Striking the right balance between visual storytelling and creativity while creating comics can be quite the challenge. But with the right guidance, learning to draw comics can be an exciting and liberating form of artistic expression! So whether you’ve already begun your path to comic mastery or are waiting for the right moment to begin, these 5 tutorials will give you all of the insider knowledge required to refine your comic creations:

1. Capturing Motion in Illustration

In this dynamic class, you’ll join illustrator Patrick Br. in capturing motion within digital art. From sketching to final touches, he’ll teach you the essentials of illustrating lively and expressive characters in a modern comic art style. In this course, you’ll learn how to create your own superhero or supervillain in action while also focusing on the finer details to achieve a heightened quality and depth to the final product.

The class includes:

  • An introduction that will help you lay the foundation of your work
  • A sketching exercise including techniques such as contour drawing, proportions, and focus lines
  • A crash course on dynamic action poses and how to master composition
  • Tips and tricks for achieving the perfect perspective when creating scenes
  • A walkthrough of final touches and detailing

2. Comic Style Light & Shadow Made Easy

This step-by-step tutorial provides you with a deep dive into the world of professional comic book coloring. Created by an experienced comic book artist with over 80 issues under their belt, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the techniques you’ll need to analyze forms, think in three dimensions, and master the art of lighting and shading.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Streamline your approach to lighting and color
  • Layer multiple types of lighting
  • Utilize both soft and hard edges while rendering
  • Edit colors to manipulate the tone of the final artwork

3. Imaginitive Drawing: Concept Art Characters

In this comic tutorial pack, you’ll embark on a journey into the dynamic digital world of comic artist Camilla D’Errico, peek into her sketchbooks, and take a behind-the-scenes look at the elements that inspired her characters. You’ll learn the ins and outs of how to draw comics and develop original characters from quick sketches to unique final products.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Conduct research for your comics like an expert
  • Utilize pencil drawing techniques such as crosshatching, shadows, and pressure variation
  • Conceptaulize and illustrate thumbnails
  • Add detailed texturing such as fabric and hair
  • Navigate the fundamental tools and materials needed to master the style of comics

4. Characters in a Scene: Sketch to Digital

This course will help you unleash your creativity and transform your quick sketches into a final digital masterpiece. Whether your cup of tea is concept art, game design, or character design, this tutorial will bring you back to the basics of how to draw comics and to help you build a solid foundation for your comics. 

By the end of this comprehensive walkthrough, you will have produced a digital rendering of a character and/or scene of your choice using sketches, line work, coloring, dimensions, and textures.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Transition from conventional sketches to digital illustrations
  • Prepare and digitize your sketches in Photoshop
  • Navigate the basics of digital line work techniques like brushes, layering, and line weights
  • Utilize rendering, coloring, lighting, and shading efficiently to add depth
  • Add details and narrative to your background

5. Comic Book Character Design: The Making of E

Curated for both beginners and intermediate artists looking to boost their skills, this course offers a start-to-finish guide on designing and brining to life a unique comic book character. It’s more than just a walkthrough—it’s an opportunity to transform your scrapbook ideas into tangible characters that you can illustrate like a pro.

The class will teach you:

  • The principles of poses, proportions, and placement through the construction of a character from multiple angles
  • The process of sketching anatomy and drafting initial character designs
  • The art of inking through contours and line art
  • The key to achieving perfect color schemes with color theory and psychology

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