How to Get Featured on Cubebrush Social Media

How to Get Featured on Cubebrush Social Media

Our goal at Cubebrush is to help your store be as successful as possible. We create features, host competitions and publish helpful (we hope) content in an attempt to make it easier for you to be seen. A major aspect is social media. 

We LOVE to share your products. We have a large reach and want to use it to help market what you have to offer. Here are things you can do to increase your chances of being featured...

1. Use multiple clear pictures when posting any product.

Avoid having any text on these pictures. Research suggests potential buyers avoid looking into products with descriptions on the images. Additionally, it's easy for us to share products with a ton of cool images to accompany it. 

2. Have a clear description of your product.

Sharing on social media when buyers are going to link back to a detailed product description increase the chances of them making a purchase. The more detail the more apt you are to convince someone to spend their hard earned money with you. Make the first few sentences the most important/convincing lines of your description. It's also best for SEO as we use the first sentence of the description as meta data.

3. Leave social media links in your profile.

We will definitely tag you, and your customers might turn into followers and stay up to date when new products are released.

4. Tag Cubebrush when sharing your product on social media. 

This will notify us and increase your chances of getting featured. Often we share posts we're tagged in.

5.Frequently uploading quality products is best.

Followers get notifications each time a new product is released so it keeps reminding them about you constantly. It also shows up on the front page in the recent tab which is best to grab extra traffic, and more likely we'll see it as we scout the recent product page for new exciting content!

6. Utilize our new Pixel Integration feature for Facebook.

Paid ads- whether it's $10 or $1000- will only improve your reach. It will also allow you to target a specific audience. When your products begin to inevitably trend we notice and will most likely share it.

7. Submit one (or more) products as a 'freebie'. 

We can't guarantee that your product will be featured but if it's chosen it will definitely be shared on all social media and placed on our landing page! 

8. Submit a 'Guest Blog Post'

If you submit a post and it's approved it's an automatic share on our social media pages. 

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We also encourage you to check out our latest webinar to get some more useful tips!

Happy Selling!

-The Cubebrush Team