Facebook Pixel Integration

Facebook Pixel Integration

Facebook/Instagram ads are usually considered to be the most cost-effective way to advertise online and generate targeted traffic to your store/products.

If you're a seller on Cubebrush, you now have the ability to gain valuable insight into the return of investment of your Facebook Ads by integrating your Facebook Pixel with Cubebrush.

Installing your Facebook Pixel

Installing your Facebook Pixel on Cubebrush couldn't be easier - simply paste your Pixel ID (usually 15-16 digits) in the appropriate field in your Store Settings and save.


We send back value information for each sale so you can track exactly the value of each conversion. We also track page views along with the "InitiateCheckout" and "AddToWishlist" events, allowing for even more precise ad targeting.

Supercharged Ads

Thanks to the recent launch of our Affiliate feature - available to the public soon - you now have one of the internet's most powerful marketing combos right at your fingertips.

The next time you create a new Facebook ad, make sure to use your shortlinks for the ad URL. This will not only increase your revenue share to 95% for sales on your own store, but we will also give you 10% for all other approved sales generated as a result of your traffic.

Sounds too good to be true? Let's take a look at a possible scenario to see how that works:

  1. You decide to launch a new Facebook ad campaign with a $1000 budget
  2. You're able to get a decent 2x ROI, generating $2000 in sales for your products
  3. Some of the ad traffic results in another $1000 worth of purchases on other stores

Normally, you would be looking at $2000 - $100(5% transaction fee) - $1000(initial budget) resulting in a net profit of $900 for that ad campaign. However, using the affiliate feature you're also able to collect an extra $100 thanks to sales generated on other stores - bringing your net total to $1000 instead.

You not only get all the benefits that come with the Facebook Pixel integration, but when paired with the affiliate feature and extra sales from the marketplace, your Cubebrush store has the potential to significantly outperform any other alternatives. 

We're proud to be the only platform in the industry to provide this option and further increase our lead as the best solution for independent creatives to sell their digital goods.

Interested in using Facebook ads but unsure where to start? Learn the basics here.

Additionally, you will soon be able to join us for webinars hosted by Cubebrush where we'll go over everything you need to know to get started and use the power of Facebook ads to your avantage. Stay tuned for more news on that soon!

We look forward to hear what you think of the new feature down in the comments below!

- the Cubebrush team