Resting and "Sitting-in-Chair" Pose Reference Pics

Resting and "Sitting-in-Chair" Pose Reference Pics

You may not have considered the complexity of drawing someone in a seated position versus a standing one before, but after trying it for yourself, you’ll soon realize that it’s much more challenging than it seems. Not only are there new angles to consider, but a profound understanding of proportions and depth is also needed to capture the details, personality, and realism of your model. 

What your creations are capable of is only as broad as your skillset, and that’s why it’s important to understand the principles of any situation they might get themselves into—even if they’re just sitting still. To help you foster this skill set, we’ll be sharing five essential resting and “sitting-in-chair” pose reference tools for any flourishing artist starting out on their journey of creative development.

Sitting Pose Reference Pictures

This collection features over 720 high-resolution images of seated male and female models. The addition of prop weapons offers an opportunity for artists to study both balance and weight distribution, as heavy objects often create tilts, cause gravitational shifts, and introduce a variety of potential variations in their posture. An interesting light display has also been curated for the shoot to exhibit a range of moods and conditions for you to experiment with. There’s no such thing as generic “sitting-in-chair” pose reference pics in this set!

With this purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 720+ male and female sitting reference photographs

Sitting & Resting Poses

For the concept artist, Sitting Poses Vol. 1 delivers a collection of high-resolution photographs that will open your mind to the layers of lounging. By accentuating an abundance of poses in the seating or resting position, you’ll be able to develop your knowledge of foreshortening and proportion as you experiment with a range of unique angles and perspectives. 

This asset pack includes:

  • 64 female sitting and resting reference images

Stock Model Sitting Poses

This conscientiously crafted pack of high-resolution self-portraits featuring a female model on a podium offers a treasure trove of dynamic and naturalistic images for illustrators and concept artists alike. If you’re aspiring to study the body interacting with its environment, then accurately depicting changes in anatomy as the body compresses, bends, and redistributes in relation to another object can be one of your most difficult challenges. So, for the ultimate guide and source of inspiration, choose this useful reference bundle and elevate your skillset today.  

This product consists of:

  • 92+ female sitting reference pictures

Lower Poses Photo Reference Pack

This extensive 470+ photo bundle focuses on the male's lower body when performing a number of sitting, resting, leaning, crouching, and bending postures. A dynamic assortment of focal lengths, high and low angles, as well as original stances embodying strength and grace, culminate in a collection of ideal references for comic book animators and illustrators who are keen to develop their anatomy studies and mastery of the male form.

This exciting bundle contains:

  • 470+ male lower body reference images

Sleeping Poses Reference Pictures

Drawing people when asleep can definitely keep you up at night! For example, small modifications in facial expression, the way the model distributes their limbs and hair across a surface, and capturing a relaxed, naturalistic posture without making a figure appear overly rigid are just a few hurdles creators can face. To support you in your creative growth, this invaluable library of over 700 high-definition male portraits captures all the stunning details you need for referencing as you acquire this new skill. 

With this purchase, you’ll get:

  • 740 male sleeping reference photographs

We Have a Creation for Every Sit-uation!

Rest assured, whether you’re striving to improve your anatomy skills for your work or studies, glean inspiration to create new characters, or just want to therapeutically doodle in your spare time, we have all of these resources and more to get you started on your journey. 

Whether you’re studying sleep or just need a few “sitting-in-chair” pose reference pics, explore the Cubebrush Marketplace to find all the resources you need to awaken your potential!