The 6 Best Sets of Figure Drawing Reference Photos

The 6 Best Sets of Figure Drawing Reference Photos

As creators, we’re keen observers of everyday life. We might snap photos of unassuming subjects that pique our curiosity, prompting quizzical looks from friends (it’s just a pigeon, after all)—but that doesn’t stop us from seeking out the beauty in everything we see. It’s almost a guarantee that a veteran artist owns a vast library of reference images ranging from candid snapshots to studio-grade collections.

But there’s one subject that’s tough to tackle without professional-quality modeling and photography: the human form. Even seasoned artists are fond of using reference images for human bodies—no matter how many anatomy or figure drawing courses they’ve taken. Figure drawing reference photos give your work instant access to the dynamic interplay of light and shadow on the human form. 

 We’ve gathered 6 of the top figure reference image bundles to give you a window into the intricate diversity of human shapes and poses. Let’s explore assets that can help any artist improve their human figures, whether they’re working on a 3D model or a 2D illustration.

MALE ART POSES 500+ Reference Pictures

This bundle of reference images ranges from dynamic action poses to more relaxed, casual poses. Featuring a broad-shouldered male figure whose titanic presence rivals Zeus himself, these images provide a firm foundation for diverse creative projects. For artists looking for commanding figure drawing reference photos, you won’t find a more evocative set than this.

With this set, you’ll have access to:

  • More than 500 photos of the male figure in various poses and positions
  • High-resolution and dynamic scenarios 
  • An expressive and masculine model

400+ Female Gesture Drawing Reference Pictures

The perfect toolkit for nailing gestures, this mega bundle of female figure drawing reference photos combines the flexible model’s athletic prowess with a diverse range of props, poses, and expressions. An ideal starting point for creating warriors, dancers, and performers, this reference pack is an excellent addition to any artist’s collection.

The bundle includes:

  • More than 400 images of dynamic female poses
  • Diverse scenarios using different props
  • A 1.35 GB zip file containing hi-res photos

180+ Reference Photos Muscles, Twists, Body Curves

The dynamism of the human form can be challenging to nail down in images that oscillate between extremes. This set aims to show granular changes between different poses, offering insights into the transitions between different positions. Instead of simply showing a model in wildly alternating scenarios, you can visualize the movement more organically.

The reference pack includes:

  • Over 180 images of a female model in motion
  • High-resolution photos (4721x3742px max, 3471x3221px min)
  • Ideal references for motion-oriented art like comics and manga

720+ Sitting Pose Reference Pictures

Sitting is an often overlooked pose, and it comes in many shapes and variations. This mega-sized set of over 720 male and female sitting poses will cover various subjects and genres, from royals on thrones to lounging banqueters. Though each pose is seated, they make for a versatile bundle. Artists looking to expand their library of figure drawing reference photos will find plenty of inspiration here.

This set of seated poses offers:

  • More than 720 high-resolution images of male and female sitting poses
  • Two separate files for male and female images
  • Finely detailed photos totaling more than 1 GB when compressed

Female Figure Drawing - Vol 17

Unleash the power of feminine beauty with this set, which provides 160 high-resolution photos in 20 distinct poses. The images showcase different angles while the model holds the same pose, making this pack perfect for 3D sculpting. This pack is an ideal companion for artists looking to hone gestures by viewing various angles or creators refining their 3D character art.

The set includes:

  • 160 photos in 4000x6000px resolution
  • A combined total of 20 unique poses
  • A single ZIP file of just over 1 GB

Male Figure Drawing - Vol 11

The male counterpart to the above female figure drawing set, this bundle offers the same diversity of poses with multiple angles. You’ll receive 160 high-resolution images with a male model posed in 20 distinct ways. This pack is the perfect complement to the female figure drawing pack because it uses a similar methodology—and each allows you to nail down masculine and feminine figures from any angle.

The bundle comes with:

  • 160 images in 4000x6000px resolution
  • 20 distinct poses by a male model
  • One ZIP file of just over 700 MB compressed

Finding More High-Quality Figure Drawing Reference Photos

While reference images can help you refine your understanding of anatomy and offer insights into unique lighting contexts, not all photos are equal. To find studio-grade figure drawing reference photos for your next creative project, visit Cubebrush. It’s the artist-first marketplace for tutorials, assets, and professional-quality reference resources.

Find figure drawing assets on Cubebrush now and begin your next project with extra inspiration!