The 7 Best Brushes for 3D Sculpting Software

The 7 Best Brushes for 3D Sculpting Software

3D sculpting software offers incredible flexibility and precision for creating everything from video game characters to film-ready CGI models. But whether you favor Blender or ZBrush, the standard tools can feel lacking when facing specific challenges. That’s why third-party brushes designed by expert artists are popular for speeding up workflow, minimizing repetition, and eliminating common issues.

We’ve searched the marketplace for the 7 best 3D sculpting brushes, assembling them in a handy list. Let’s look at the brushes that will give you more control over your next project!

75 Cloth Brushes

This one is a treasure trove for cloth rendering: seams, zippers, buttons, fabric folds, and more. With these brushes for Blender and ZBrush, you’ll quickly clothe your characters in believably textured garments with organic creases and realistic textures. The 75 brushes in this collection will jumpstart your next character modeling session by providing a quicker way to achieve lifelike imperfections in cloth. The creator also provides a video tutorial for installing and using this pack. The set includes:

  • Blender brushes
  • ZBrush alpha brushes
  • ZBrush IMM brushes
  • Alpha texture PNG
  • Alpha texture TIF

ZBrush - Chains IMM Brush + Meshes

There’s no two ways about it: chains are cool. With these 20 chain-creating curve brushes, you’ll easily sculpt your next radical biker, Cenobite, or dungeon keeper. You’ll find an assortment of link styles in this detailed set that oozes edginess. Built for ZBrush, all 20 brushes exist within one multi-mesh brush with low-poly meshes. The creator notes this tool requires “Curve” mode under the Stroke—Curve menu. It’s also a tri-part brush, so activate the tri-part setting in Brush—Modifier—Tri-parts. You’ll find these assets in the pack:

  • One IMM multi-curve brush
  • One brush icon (PNG)
  • One Maya low-poly file (MA)
  • 20 base low-poly meshes (OBJ + FBX)

ZBrush - 20 Wood Brushes

Achieving a believable wood surface requires a combination of intelligent texturing and clever sculpting. This set of 20 wood brushes for ZBrush—or any 3D sculpting software that uses alpha/height maps—will bring cabins, forests, and medieval villages to life. Freely licensed for commercial use, this pack accelerates your workflow and simplifies environment design. The collection includes install notes and two ZIP files containing alphas and height maps.

ZBrush + Blender - 20 Male Hair VDM Brush

Painting different hairstyles is hard enough in 2D, so using these tailor-made brushes for male hair can be a lifesaver. From Romanesque cuts to anime-style pompadours, these 20 diverse brushes allow you to perfect your character’s coif in minutes. Are you looking to swap styles or create a new game-ready model faster? Grab these timesavers to deliver a polished product with a fraction of the effort.

The set comes with:

  • 20 male hair VDM brushes (ZBrush)
  • 20 male hair OpenExr Files (Blender)

Fur Brush

Just like human hair, creating lifelike animals can be a tricky subject to tackle. Often, all you need is a reference point to begin. This simple fur brush is remarkably flexible, making it perfect for adding fur or shaping short hair in many styles. With 17 unique presets, you’ll quickly find this brush is perfect in countless scenarios. As of the most recent product update, the brush now includes an IMM version and the ZTool used in its creation, which allows you to ensure compatibility with newer versions of 3D sculpting software. 

45+ IMM Cables & Hoses (High & Low-Poly) + Meshes

Wires, cables, and hoses are typical features in sci-fi and steampunk artwork, but they also make a fine addition to present-day environment design. Even if you’re not adding flourishes to a cyberpunk netrunner, these 45+ IMM brushes and meshes add a dash of depth to your work. Each brush is jam-packed with visual flavor and comes in high-poly and low-poly versions to suit the needs of any project. Plus, they’re super simple to use: select a cable on the IMM panel, drag a curve, configure the size, and you’re done! These brushes are compatible with ZBrush and Blender.

This set contains:

  • 45+ high-poly IMM curved brushes with and without ends (ZBP)
  • 45+ low-poly meshes in OBJ and BLEND formats
  • 45+ high-poly meshes in OBJ and BLEND formats

Brushes & Alphas w/ XMD Life-Time Membership

Nothing says you’re serious about 3D sculpting brushes like this all-in-one package. You’ll enjoy over 1,350 different ZBrush brushes and 750 alphas with the comprehensive XMD lifetime bundle. The set is compatible with the latest version of ZBrush and even includes a selection of premium Substance Painter brushes. Apart from the thousands of brushes, textures, and alphas, you’ll get exclusive access to a tutorial that teaches you how to make your own ZBrush brushes. These assets are just a bite-sized slice of what this bundle contains:

  • More than 1,350 ZBrush brushes
  • Over 750 alphas
  • 13 3D Coat pen packs
  • XMD ToolBox plugin
  • 150+ 3D Coat brush sets
  • Invitation to a private XMD community
  • And much more!

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