The Making Of 'The Demon Hunter'

The Making Of 'The Demon Hunter'

Jae-seung Cho is currently working for a VR game company called 'Skonec Entertainment' in Korea as a junior concept artist. He's participated in making 'Mortal Blitz (PSVR)' and various VR games. Influenced by sci-fi games like 'Heavy Gear' and 'Mech Warrior' he's been crazy about SF since he was a little boy. Although, the Korean game industry prefers fantasy genres rather than Sci-fi genres. Cho's specialty is drawing machines and robots.

Recently, his interest has been mixing the characteristics of futuristic, modern, and traditional things much like 'So seo-noh'. Here is a step by step of the creation of his piece, "The Demon Hunter."

Getting Started

First, I organized the character's keywords. When an image came up I started to draw thumbnails.

Unfortunately, I realized that these look too similar to 'that character'. So I tried another silhouette.

I then tried to make it a bit closer to the image of the hunter.

Now I get to choose which looks best.


Next I collect references to enable the combination of ancient Asian and European styles, medieval and modern styles.

This is variation works of the front view.

I gather references for the backpack gear design.

I, then design back view and backpack gear with reference to the front view.


Next I take the following steps:

1. I turned the black rough sketch to white for coloring.

2. Draw the face details for check the overall looks.

3. It wasn't used for the final, but I put a gas mask and head gear on the character.

4. Painting a color roughly in the multiply mode. After trying different colors I determine the first one looks fine.

I colored the back view in the same way. I also changed backpack's bullet crates shape because of it long vertical shape makes an odd silhouette.

Weapon Design

The character finds and uses modern weapons in the fantasy world, so the appearance of the weapon is almost exactly the same as the modern weapon.

I place the images according to the final submission specification.


I create detail sketch based on rough images and changed her hairstyle.

I draw all the parts in as many separate layers as possible. (It is a personal habit that has occurred while working.)

I drew the parts considering the usability of the backpack and its moving parts.

I do the same work in the front view.

I refined the sketch of weapons neatly adding details.

Now to assemble the divided parts and plan coloring.


I begin the coloring based on the first rough sketch.

Then arrange the concept sheet for final submission and add the old paper texture on background to make an antique atmosphere.

The hard-drawn backpack structure was not expressed correctly, so I changed the layout of the concept sheet a little bit.

Then we wrap up the text and finish the concept sheet.


This is a composition thumbnail for an illustration. Keyword is 'Power Overwhelming'. I chose D.

I drew a guideline on the thumbnail image to express perspective and to place monsters and props on the background. I referred to the Concept Sheet that I drew earlier and drew the character roughly then express the Value.

I changed the head to fit the modified concept sheet and begin detail work.

I drew the monsters that are standing in a background and the hand of the monster that is shot in a character.

I then added muzzle flame effects and background details.

More Coloring

To start coloring I use layer modes such as multiply and overlay appropriately to help make it closer the originally planned image.

I added motion blur to the guns to emphasize dynamic atmosphere. However, I thought it's a slightly lacking effect. So I added rain and changed the material and air to match it.


I adjust the curve to correct the color and finish. Thank you very much :)

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